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fabric that your skin deserves

our fabrics

Made with the purest organic materials and completely woven on handloom, these are some of the softest fabrics mankind have ever witnessed since the Egyptian times.

Don't believe us? We dare you to try them out.


Grown without toxic chemicals, this pure fabric is sourced and treated with natural and eco-concious methods. Thus, providing you with material that feels gentle not only to your skin but also to the planet.


Each thread spun with dedication, this fabric is handwoven to celebrate the art of slow fashion. Handspun handwoven cotton has a unique texture as no two fabrics will be identical and the process involves no environmental pollution, making it eco-friendly.


Known for its fast regrowth and minimal water usage, this fabric is the epitome of sustainability. We use mechanical bamboo fibers and weave them on handloom. This results in an extremely soft, silky, smooth, delicate and breatheable fabric which ensures comfort while being a versatile material for any type of designs.