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About us

A brand born out of the love for everything sustainable, inclusive and quirky has one heck of a start point. It was the serendipitous coming together of best friends, each unique and snazzy in their own way. So come along and meet our team!


Chief of Everything 

Designer, ex-journalist, dog mom, loud sneezer and awful singer - Shrutanwita is so many things more wonderful than the first few adjectives of this sentence. She’s the creative brain behind QuirkyBae. With an impeccable attention to detail and dry af sense of humour, she goes around life eating her feelings mostly with some Chilli Pork.

As an expert underdressed and/or weirdly overdressed person herself, she understands fashion in the most unique ways. She believes comfort and style go hand in hand and our clothes stand testament to that.

She’s always down to have a good time as long as it involves NOT singing, petting dogs, feeding any and every stray she encounters, petting some more dogs and ensuring TinTin is the most spoiled little girl in the world!


Chief of Versatility

Ujan is a person of so many colours that each time you think you know him, we promise you don’t! A theatre artist who thought the stage was overdone and found his calling in entrepreneurship, Ujan is the bone structure of QuirkyBae.

As our biggest cheerleader, he can be found wearing QB everywhere while partying, grocery shopping, and possibly even during that one time he ran away to Himachal to escape the super aggressive drivers of Delhi.

When not found third wheeling our other two co-founders, Ujan spends his time downloading every single ‘new’ app. He's the best living example of an early adopter and even Kotler* would be proud!

*Editor’s note: Philip Kotler is known to be the father of marketing and he highlighted the process of customer adoption. How did this ‘About Us Page’ become a marketing lesson, we don’t know either.

Mr J

Chief of ‘Make QB Work So I Can Leave My Day Job’

Mr J, a man who is good at so many things except fashion, is our business guy. The less we ask him about fashion and the more we ask him about the best places to eat - we’re good!

He’s the only one of us who responsibly has a day job alongside his secret startup life, which is also why we need YOU to buy from us so he can join us full-time and reveal his identity. Despite this, nothing ever stops him and there’s nothing he can’t do. The reason you’re aware of this is because he made this entire website himself with no experience whatsoever!

As any bearded guy (incoming stereotyping~), he’s almost always found in a pair of shorts and t-shirt in the colour blue - “like most cis men” (a cute little descriptive note his partner adds).