About Us

Quirkybae is an inclusive, gender-fluid, and sustainable fashion brand that uses natural fabric to create durable clothes, which transcend the already blurring fashion boundaries. Our creations are Quirky Before Anything Else, yes, but as a brand we do not believe in the usual fast-fashion business model that encourages unbridled consumer behaviour. A thought set-off during the pandemic lockdown, before which sustainability in fashion was unknown to Shrutanwita Chakraborty - one of the founders of Quirkybae. 
Shrutanwita was always aware of the labour rights of textile workers but like an average buyer, she too picked more economical options than to look for a more long-lasting and value-for-money alternative. Her wanting to be an entrepreneur coupled with a passionate awakening towards sustainable fashion, gave birth to Quirkybae. While the world suffered, she realised how little of the past made sense in terms of consumer behaviour. 
Another quick realisation on the heels of the previous one was that the onus to change this insatiable consumer behaviour is on us, creators. That is why since the beginning, we sourced our fabric directly from a cooperative of weavers, circumventing the greedy middlemen. These weavers of Bengal use GOTS certified organic cotton yarn to create the handloom cotton used for our garments. The other type of natural fabric that we use is mechanical bamboo fabric. 

We only use AZO-free dyes that are environment friendly and easy on your skin. Each Quirkybae clothing is handcrafted with care. Each block is shaped by artisans and then hand-printed. We ensure each saree, top, shirt, shrug, or dress is value-for-money for you, in terms of quality and durability. There is a deliberate restraint in our designs to ensure inclusivity. We wish to bring to you soon, more wonders of nature like rose petal fabric, orange peel fabric and banana fabric.